Grace Tabernacle
Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Worship Ministry

Worship:  Giving or ministering to God; Adoring and connecting with Him from a heart that is motivated by love, gratitude, and obedience.  Worship is our response to a revelation of God's love.

     The heartbeat of Grace Tabernacle is to help people experience the      presence of God and develop a life of worship.  One of the most      important things we do at Grace Tabernacle is to come together every      week and experience the power of God's presence. 

Whether through playing an instrument, dancing,  acting, or singing on a worship team our ONE focus is always on worshipping and bringing glory to God, not on entertaining.  



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For more information about the worship ministry of Grace Tabernacle, contact the Worship Pastor, Grayson Allen, at or call 352.748.3255